Say Goodbye to Your Cellulite!

What is Cellulite? lumpy, bumpy fat deposits that bulge through connective tissue under the skin - affects a majority of women and cannot be reduced by diet or exercise. It affects women of all ages, weights and sizes.

  • Madame Obadia’s exclusive anti-cellulite treatment includes:
  • Radio Frequency with Ultrasound Current
  • Multi-Flexible Electro Therapy
  • Anti-Cellulite Wrap
  • Anti-Cellulite Palper Rouler, Analytic Drainage, and Dien Sham Massage
  • At home Phytonutrients regime consultation

The multi-dimensional heat from the Radio Frequency and the multiple currents from the Electro Therapy break down the fat deposits which are then flushed out with Madame Obadia’s special massage for analytic drainage.

Most clients will see improvement after every treatment. It is a great solution to detoxify and to sculpt every part of the body without exercise or dieting with lasting results.

Body Contouring – Circumferential Reduction and Anti-Cellulite Treatments

Beaute Oblige offers Radiofrequency Treatments for Body Contouring and Cellulite Reduction. Three-dimensional Radiofrequency allows heat to be safely and effectively delivered to the subcutaneous fatty tissue, to reduce localized fat deposits and improve the appearance of cellulite. As fat cells shrink in response to the heat, a slimmer you is revealed!

Treatment is ideal to sculpt away stubborn fat deposits on the waist, abdomen, and love handles, in order to achieve a more sculpted silhouette. Also works great on arms for slimming and firming.

Anti-cellulite treatment works great on hips, thighs, and buttocks. Lumpy appearance is diminished and collagen is promoted for smother, tauter skin.

Multiflexible Electro-Therapy Currents for the Body

This Biostimulation Treatment for the body allows you to loose up to half an inch in just one treatment!

Electrotherapy currents firm help to detox the body of excess toxins and aids in stimulating improved circulation. Muscles are toned and strengthened. Great for helping you along in achieving those six pack abs!

Our body treatments are always accompanied by slimming body wrap, lymphatic drainage, and French Palper Rouler.

Anti-Aging Hands

This treatment includes Radio Frequency and a special secret ingredient wrap to boost collagen and elastin and remove hyperpigmentation.

Post-Natal Detoxification, Anti-Cellulite, Stretchmark treatment

This treatment includes Ultrasound Lymphatic drainage within multi-flexible electrotherapy and Radio Frequency to sculpt, improve tonicity, and deminish extra cellulite, adema and stretch marks. After 6 short weeks your body is just like new again ... cellulite and stretch marks diminish!!!

Leg Treatment for Better Blood Circulation

We propose this special leg treatment to promote better blood circulation to assist the body in removing Edema. Using Lymphatic drainage and Leg Reflexology Massage with a special ingredient preparation wrap we can help to bring circulation back.

"With Camille I found the solution."
After 3 sessions, my face felt transformed."
Sarah V. 60 years old, PR Professional, NY