Sofia wrote in a Twitter caption: 'Getting pretty at Camille Obadia clinic, Beaute Oblige in NY before flying to LA to start filming with Jon Favreau!…'

Sofia Vergara

I'm a bi-coastal casting director based in Manhattan, and a very satisfied client of Beauté Oblige. The unique treatments from Camille Obadia, have restored the elasticity and tone to my face, neck and decollate that I used to have as a much younger woman. Recently a young woman in her twenties stopped me in a store, complimented me on my skin, and asked what creams I used for my face. When a twenty something wants a sixty something's beauty secrets, she's found the fountain of youth! Thank you Camille, you're amazing!

Lesley Collis, Casting Director, New York City

"Leave it to a French woman to discover the natural face lift. Thankfully Madame Camille Obadia has brought her magic to New York."

Kim Johnson Gross, leading style expert and the co-founder of Chic Simple

“In Europe, all chic women of a certain age maintain their youthful appearance with regular visits to their aesthetician. Recently, I discovered the remarkable French skin-care expert Camille Obadia, whose talented hands, state of the art equipment and truly miraculous creams have given a renewed youthful appearance to my skin. My face looks luminous and the lines on my neck have virtually disappeared. Regular visits to Camille combined with good nutrition and exercise keep me looking years younger and are a brilliant to plastic surgery. ”

Sara V. 60 years old, PR Professional, New Tork City

“Basically after the first skincare session, the skin on my face, neck and
decollete is sublime! I look like a young girl, my face is sculpted and wrinkles
are no longer visible.”

Judy G. 38 years old, Manager of Fusion Models, NYC

“I tested these innovative treatments on my stomach, arms and inside thighs.
My skin was withered. My muscles faded, I have no free time to do sports on
a regular basis! Thanks to these treatments, in only 6 sessions, my skin is
lifted and my muscles are toned. It’s magic; I can finally wear a bathing suit!”

Anette S. 48 years old, Journalist, NY

"Thank you Camille, you're amazing!"
Lesley Collis. Casting director, NYC