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Glowing skin
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~  Radio Frequency.
~  Electrotherapy to tens and firm face, neck and muscles.
~ Ultrasound in anti-aging to tense & firm

    face muscles & sagging. Drain toxins and help deep skin hydration.

~ Post-elective aesthetic surgery treatments.
~  Infused Oxygenation O2 mask with vitamin E, F,

    antioxidants Camille Obadia product line.



~ Radiofrequency for Non-Surgical Face Lift with immediate visible results


~ Facial and neck sculpting.
~ Skin tightening.
~ Fine lines & wrinkle reduction 
~ Banish double chin.


Results are seen immediately after the very first treatment.

Radiofrequency technology eliminates sagging skin and restores volume for a firmer more youthful look. It's a great alternative to plastic surgery (such as surgical face lift or lipo) or injections (such as fillers or botox).



How does radiofrequency work?

Radiofrequency technology safely penetrates the skin to selectively heat the fat cells & extracellular matrix ( EMC ), where collagen fibers are embedded. Localized heating immediately contracts the collagen fibers & increases the metabolism of the fibroblasts, which accelerates the production of new collagen fibers.

The energy tightens, creating a smoother, healthier & younger looking face. The treatment targets face neck, jowls, nasolabial folds, double chin & undereye area.


and it is so gentle, that you can return to your daily routine immediately after the completion of your session.



~ Electro-Therapy Micro Currents for a non-surgical facelift. It is like a face workout to sculpt your face and neck.


How does microcurrent work?
Electrotherapy emits multi-flexible currents that stimulate and firm the muscles, the treatment improves the elasticity to tone and sculpt the face, neck, décolleté, and counteracts the loss of muscle tone associated with aging.

           ~ Facial puffiness and inflammation are relieved,

              and better circulation is promoted.
           ~ Treatment is great for the neck, jowls, and for

              creating a non-surgical browlift.

Electrotherapy energy focus on your face, neck and muscles which is a very unique treatment for your muscles. This treatment is purely Amazing!



Our safe, high energy facial treatment is like an exercise routine for your face and neck muscles, unlike any other treatment in the market. 


Did you know that there are more than 50 muscles in our face and neck? As we age, these muscles are not stimulated enough to combat the effects of aging, leading to sagging skin, loose jowls or the infamous “turkey neck”. 


Our unique facial treatment techniques exercise multiple muscles of the face simultaneously to not only strengthen your facial muscles, but also will correct the blood circulation, renew and restore proteins, elastin and fibroblast to your muscles to keep them sculpted and firm. One 45-minute treatment is equivalent to 4 hours of a “workout’, resulting in sculpted, tightened, toned and lifted face and neck muscles. Results are immediately visible within the first 45 minutes of treatment. 


Don’t wait to sculpt and firm your facial muscles for lifted and tightened skin. Make your appointment today! 


Post-elective aesthetic surgery treatments

Is complement and important to drain the lymph, treat the scars and renew the production of the skin's collagen and fiber-blast. It helps keeping the natural look of the skin after face, neck and body lift.  

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